With today’s fast moving economy the expectations of the businesses keeps increasing and IT’s ability to respond keeps decreasing. As the businesses are facing fast changes, technology influenced consumers and an increase in ease of access to cloud-based technologies it is necessary that with this combination of changes the IT functions in your business would also need to evolve.

Basic understanding of how business and technology is interlinked 

To understand the relationship between businesses and technology first we would need to understand that regardless of the size of the business it is important to take advantage of technology which would provide both intangible and tangible benefits. These benefits would allow the business to make itself profitable and meet the growing requirements of their customers. When using technological innovations the business can help increase its culture, efficiency and the relationship between customers, employees and suppliers. The quality and nature of the type of technology used would affect the security of confidential business information.

 Having a disconnect between technology and the business may result in the company missing opportunities which could have helped in increasing revenue, growing market share, increasing speed to the market and even improving their customers satisfaction. Technology needs to be incorporated with the business to help define a common set of objectives and definitions of how success is measured.

challenges, or issues that businesses face when trying to use today’s technology.

Data Privacy

Technology plays a big role for businesses, one main role being in how the data is accessed, processed and stored. It is important that businesses focus on the privacy of their data. Big companies’ secrets could come out for one but the other con of not having data privacy would be that customers’ information may get leaked. This could give the business negative publicity and would destroy customer confidence in your brand.

Cloud computing

Using cloud computing continues to be a great method for businesses to cost save while also being a convenience for consumers. Even though more software applications and other computing resources are hosted and accessed easily online on the “cloud” there are still security risks and data privacy. The cloud comes with several benefits such as scalability, accessibility and pay per usage but the concerns should also be acknowledged. Ensuring that the “cloud” being used by a business is secured would help to avoid any privacy issues.

Social Media related risks

More businesses have started using social media tools to help further their reach. In using these tools businesses would need to maintain and communicate their policies of ethical practices and ensure compliance with the applicable terms clearly. Using social media would allow the business to generate a virtual community between them and their clients. In order to adapt to all the new changes a business would need to find a way to keep adapting to new technology while also not creating a divide in the business.

Integrations and upgrades

 Businesses would need to continuously access and improve their technology and processes in order to compete with the highly competitive environment. It is vital that the proper training and management is used otherwise it could heavily impact the adoption of new products. Since customizing existing aging systems or already existing packages is both costly and time consuming the easiest solution would be to integrate new tools with the already existing legacy technology instead of starting from scratch.

How teamup as a company bridges the gap between business and technology

As a software development company using technology is a vital key for us to function. So how do we at Teamup bridge the gap between our business and technology?

One of our main methods would be how we deal with our developers. We provide our developers opportunities from their initial start at Teamup. Our developers work with us remotely as we prioritize them having a work-life balance, this allows them to feel emotionally balanced which in result leads to their efficiency increasing. Remote working has always been our work model and it has given us a way to work with many developers while maintaining a low overhead in terms of running cost. Because we run at a lower cost we have the chance to directly provide that cost benefit to our clients, allowing them to enjoy high quality development services which are fully managed and taken care of by our experienced team at a competitive or low cost. 

Another method that we at Teamup use to bridge the gap is that we provide support and guidance for all developers who work with us. This gives them the chance to improve their quality of work and in return would improve the standards and work quality of the overall developer community. In doing so it would not only benefit them but also benefit us at Teamup as we get developers which are up to our required standard.

For our clientele we provide them a complete set of services and support from the initial technology consultation up until their product is developed and released. We also continue providing after sale support, to maintain both their products and server infrastructures. In doing so we give our clients a sense of comfort knowing that we would take care of the technology side while they can focus on growing their business.


Bridging the gap between businesses and technology has been challenging. It would require the business to find a balance between technology, the personnels and the cost. Using technology is essential for any business to be successful regardless of the industry which is why integrating the latest and modern technology in your business strategy is necessary. We at TeamUp want to help and make it easy for our clients to have access to modern and cost effective solutions so that they can reach their best potential. It’s very crucial that you have the right technology partner to make sure you are getting the best output while utilizing the cost benefits when implementing your business solutions.