With the recent COVID-19 pandemic almost all businesses around the world had to move their employees to work virtually and remotely. Remote work is a style of working where it allows professionals to work outside the traditional office environment. This style of work focuses on the concept that work does not always need to be carried out in a specific place to be performed successfully. 

We can think of remote working as an alternative to commuting to an office each day for work at a designated office space or desk. Staff would have the flexibility to plan their days out so they can establish a good work life balance allowing them to have their personal and professional lives to peacefully coexist. The remote employees can carry out their projects and work on their specific goals whenever they please.

This style of work focuses on the concept that work does not always need to be carried out in a specific place to be performed successfully.

Benefits that come from working at home 

  • Better Work-Life Balance : Remote jobs allow employees to have flexible schedules meaning that staff have the chance to start and end their day as they choose, as long as their work load is completed for the day which would lead to positive outcomes. The control over the work schedule can be indispensable when it comes to having the needs of your personal life met with. Whether it may be dropping their children off at school, doing errands, attending classes, or being a stay at home parent, these tasks are all easier to balance when you are working from the comfort of your home.
  • Increased Performance and Productivity : When working from home employees usually have fewer interruptions, quiet work environment and less office politics. With these distractions being eliminated it would lead to remote workers productivity increasing which would be an added benefit for both them and their employers.  If it is done correctly employees and companies can focus on what really matters when working remotely.
  • Healthier and Happier Work Life : When employees have the opportunity to work at home and work more flexibly they tend to be more loyal and happier in the company. In addition working from home has been shown to lower stress and allow employees more time for their hobbies and personal interests. Working remotely can also give employees the time and environment needed to make healthy choices.
  • Cost Effective : People who work remotely can save money from not needing to invest into factors such as gas, transport, vehicle maintenance, parking fees, office wardrobe, meals and so on. These savings would add up and put more money back into the employees pockets. Businesses can also benefit from this as with their staff working from home the costs for the office space will be cut.

Benefits of working at home with TeamUp

After talking to our very own personnel at TeamUp we were able to get some comments on  the benefits that they have gained while working remotely with Teamup.

  • Our team at TeamUp uses tools such as slack and bubble which are helpful to communicate with other employees and also allow us to be able to complete tasks without blockers and deliver our work on time.
  • I am able to do my work from the atmosphere which I have adopted and the flexible working hours helps me to balance my personal and career work in an effective manner. 
  • Able to spend more time with my family especially during times like this. 
  • No commute stress, since everything is done at home I don’t need to spend money on transport. 
  • Don’t have to wake up early to get dressed and prepare for work everyday. 
  • It’s the only way to strike a healthy work-life balance. So that there is no risk of feeling pressed for time at work. It increases self-learning, particularly for trainees, by encouraging them to learn for themselves. And also able to save money. 
  • We would need to overcome any issues by communicating which would  improve our communication level and relationships with each other. 
  • Allows us to take breaks and work on periods that are easy for us so we can deliver work of good quality without being exhausted.


Remote working has recently become more than just a workplace trend and through the pandemic it has become the only way to allow millions of employees around the world to continue doing their jobs. With the help of technology it has allowed us to enter the work environment all virtually through our laptop screens. Working from home will continue to connect all the employees and businesses across different continents and time zones without needing to be in the same room. 

 In order for us to adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic and move forward and grow the businesses and employees would need to embrace the new world of work and this non-traditional work model in order to continue working effectively. There are several benefits that can come from remote working as shown which are not just for employees but companies as well.