With the recent changes in the work environment many companies around the world had to shift to a remote working style. The change can be quite difficult for many businesses to get used to as it is very different compared to the traditional corporate environment. But we at TeamUp have been practicing a remote working style even before the COVID-19 pandemic so we would like to provide a few tips when it comes to working at home.

  • Create a daily routine 
  • Maintain regular hours and try to stick to a schedule 
  • Schedule breaks in order to avoid overworking yourself 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for what you need from either your boss or co workers 
  • Have a designated office space 
  • Try to socialize and interact with your colleagues
  • “Show Up” to meetings and be heard
  • Look for training and learning opportunities
  • Take Advantage of Your Perks
  • Try not to be hard and yourself and others 
  • Pick a definitive finish time.
  • Work in a dedicated and comfortable space 
  • Set a goal for the day 
  • Take regular breaks to move about 
  • Communicate and collaborate about work

These are just some tools that we at TeamUp have found helpful and have allowed us to work effectively together as a team. During these difficult times it is important to pace yourself and especially with more people than ever working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re new to working remotely these tips from a remote working business can help you stay productive and maintain balance.